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Saving Christmas

by Toot Toot 9 views


Default Avatar Crocodile Thrunter

Thoroughly enjoyable film. Some really great moments in there that let us all laughing our sides off. Did really well with what looked like a pretty tough genre.

Default Avatar Leoj

This was fantastic. Loved how strange you were able to get it without loosing any of the energy, a solid effort considering how difficult the genre was! Also, Canadians. xx

I absolutely loved this film. This film, for me, was the perfect blend of Z grade and Xmas movie. They showed exactly what you should do with a Z grade type genre (not that it was their genre). It was fully self aware and let you know that every single poor edit cut, average green screening or SFX were all intentionally there to make you laugh with impeciable comedic timing. I vote next year that the character and line of dialogue elements must be "A Canadian" and the line "EH"!

This film is what 48 Hours is all about! Loved it!! Funny and clever, it pushed boundaries and took risks - without giving a damn what anyone would think. Perfect Christmas fodder for an audience that was keen for a laugh after a few serious films. I'm definitely a Toot Toot fan!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

It's Xmas and a guy gets up to discover Santa in his house. He asks to go with him/her and he does...via the 4th dimension! This was very well-received by the audience and had some great humour. The multiple use of the same location was clever and the flying sleigh equally so. Some funny lines and the English chap did a great job with his long-winded explanation. An outsider for the finals?

Pretty bloody Charming. I wana watch this again right now. Hilarious Z Grade style. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun making this. Probably the best Christmas film made in chch

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A crazy journey in the 4th dimension with some people that caught santa delivering presents a enjoyably amusing movie

A hilarious Christmas film being exactly what it needed to be. The effects, the acting and the story may have fit better when combined with Z-Grade, but there's no rule against combining genres off your own volition! Looking forward to seeing more Toot Toot in the future.

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