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Somebody Someone Vanessa

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Hard To Do



Saving Christmas

This film is what 48 Hours is all about! Loved it!! Funny and clever, it pushed boundaries and took risks - without giving a damn what anyone would think. Perfect Christmas fodder for an audience that was keen for a laugh after a few serious films. I'm definitely a Toot Toot fan!

The Intervention

Being handed Shock Ending is like having a loaded gun in the first scene - you know it's going to go off eventually. I spent a lot of the movie trying to stay in the moment - but couldn't help myself trying to guess the ending. I didn't - it came as a shock! Well done! This was a beautifully filmed, superbly acted and well devised story. The acting was strong across the board but the lead hero, was a standout! I'm really looking forward to seeing this film again, I need a couple of viewings to fully get what was actually going on ... and looking at the other reviews - I wasn't the only one to struggle to put all the pieces together. But I don't think that is a downside - it just intrigues me more. Luckily - I am pretty sure I will get to see this one again. Awesome work team!!

Polaroid 2

This was a great sequel to a wonderful film. Polaroid was really moving when I first saw it - and it was a good choice to sequelise (sp?) as it deepens the tale, although my only reservation would be that it is essentially the same story (which was an issue for a few of the Ultra teams). This is not necessarily a fault as many sequels do just that, but it is somehow less satisfying in the end. Deja vu perhaps? Wonderful performances (as always with this team), and great storytelling, beautifully put together. I'm looking forward to watching the two films one after the other, but I'm guessing I will have to wait a bit, this is surely a finalist. Loved the fantastic team intro too!!!

Hopeful Gardens

This was a great 'black comedy' with the right amount of outright laughs and cringeworthy moments. Lovely topical touches such as the ponytail lineup - which was very well received by the audience. It had serious undertones - which is bang on the genre, in my opinion. Well done!