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by Les Cousins Dangereux 751 views


Some LOLs here, interesting take on the characterisation (thoughtless=brainless?) and really good set dressing. I was a bit confused as to why she was looking for bread, and how the paleo theme contributed to the plot. That sounds a bit harsh, and it isn't meant to be. Last Person on Earth must be one of the hardest genres to nail while still being original. The little details supported the premise: the protaganist's need to create 50 twitter(?) accounts, her need for power and reception for her phone. All of these made a good statement about our reliance on social media and more importantly, social media's reliance on us.

This team turned in a great short film last year writing is clearly their strong suit. I was very plessed to see them step up their game visualy. This film tackled some very Interesting and original ideas that for the most part elevates this film above the typical 48hrs fare. However, I was disappointed when the film ended as i felt it had only really just begun and I would have liked to see the character developed more. To the filmmakers credit though they did leave me wanting more. Finals? Yes!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Finding herself the last person on earth, Harper embarks on a journey with her trusty cellphone in search of...(bread?) (people?) (a working ISP?) I immediately had a lot of questions: What had actually happened to everyone? Why was she left? Why, if the bodies were so smelly, did they not look in any way decomposed? How were the shots of London & Paris relevant? Who is she narrating the story to, that she begins to tell? Was everything occurring over one day or several? (passage of time was probably achieved through costume changes I guess) Admittedly, some of these things may be answered after a second watch but I was largely confused by what I was seeing! I was also confused by the turn the film takes: 80% is a comedy about an oblivious bimbo but it then takes a rather awkward turn when the quite serious and prolonged rescue scene occurs. I guess the aftermath of this is the change in her character but as other reviewers have suggested, this is actually the point where the film gets interesting...and then it ends. Technically pretty sound overall, the lead played her part very well but there was little in the way of a story to really engage with here as Harper was unlikable throughout, she did very little and the only other character of note was introduced way to late in the film to be interesting. Made the CHCH finals though so made a good impression with the judging team. Well done!

The film could probably have started in the car-park, the international shots just felt a bit indulgent and unnecessary. I honestly found the lead character a little too annoying to care about her at the end of the film, and was hoping for a big twist or something unique to make it all worth it. In saying that, the film was shot really well, had good sound, good music and great locations.

A good lead performance and solid cinematography help keep this short fueled for its 7 minute running time. However, I felt it could have been edited down quite a bit as there were a few flat gags (like the photo frame used for the match cut) and the final confrontation dragged on in the puddle longer than it needed to (once the character's free, the rest becomes padding). Although the main character was starting to get on my nerves, her total survival incompetence was pretty damn funny to me in a number of occasions - warming up bath water via toaster got me good.

I really enjoyed this film, it was well put together and technically really sound. The shots looked great and the acting was really good. I too wondered what had killed everyone, and would have liked to have kept watching to find out what happened with Harper and the car dude - did they end up friends? I loved all the funny hipster dietary references, and cracked up at the toaster, and the 50 twitter accounts with the tweet showing up on the screen. The opening shot of the carpark was cool, and I think it was pretty creative of you using the overseas shots. Others said it was indulgent, but isn't the whole 48 hours process self-indulgent? We spend 48 hours making what we want and think is cool, and I thought that was original. Maybe others are jealous they didn't think of it, haha :) Nah, they probably just know more about film than me. But I really liked this one, I felt like I was watching a story, wanting to know what happened next, and didn't feel like I was watching attempted acting, so well done :)

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

Great look in this film, the cinematography was well done and the use of locations and all the empty cars really helped with the last person on earth genre. Thought the international shots looked great but they didn't add much to the story. Great performances from the two leads especially the girl who had to carry the majority of the film. The writing and dialogue was really well done too. I thought the ending was a little underwhelming. Overall a really cool film

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