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Knitting, Crotchet & Embroidery

by Bus Stop Studios 269 views


Default Avatar odrusso

I loved the straight forward story, solid cinematography, and some really funny moments. Really good acting from everyone, and I thought the way you used the puppet was perfect. For improvements, I would say make the story a bit more complicated and add some more character arc? Overall thought it was awesome, one of my favourites!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two nerdy, wannabee romeos hit on a couple of sporty chicks at a park. Circumstances lead to an awkward conversation between one young man & lady that has a surprising third wheel. This 2nd year 48HR team from Middleton Grange produced a sweet little Rom-com. Its strengths lie in the humorous, well-written story that brings out genuine performances from the cast. It was well shot, edited and the elements were used cleverly. Next steps: The audio sync seemed slightly out at the start and some of the audio suffered from distracting wind noise. A enjoyable, well-made film that got my audience vote.

Liked the sometimes hamfisted writing + main character Puppet was funny Some good jokes in there

Hey congrats on the audience win! Loved the performances, all extremely watchable. shot selections and characterisations where really nice too. Cute tight story with some funny moments that landed perfectly. That wind though ;)

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