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Off Set

by Over-the-Hill Productions 92 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of zombie actresses discuss life in-between takes whilst being pested by Brian, a douche-bag actor. This was filmed mostly as a one-shot (plus a few cutaways) with the actors wandering in and out of the scene. Lots of chat and probably not as funny/clever as the film-makers had hoped. The visuals and audio were pretty good but the selection of the one-shot made the film somewhat tedious. The Zombie make-up looked great but it was all from a distance! Would have loved for this short to get in closer and therefore make it all a bit more personal.

A clear and strong concept, story was solid and easy to follow throughout. The comedy works for the characters and drives the plot. All over quite a good film, if not a bit forgettable.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

The majority of this films story was told on one camera setup (off set) with some cut aways to show some jokes, this lack of movement brought the pace of the story down The film focuses on extras in zombie movie discussing life and annoying other extras with an extreme end

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