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Early to Rise

by Just a Good Bunch of Guys 288 views


JAGBOG always deliver and this was a wonderful story - told well - that was part horror, part comedy, part buddy movie all rolled into one. I kinda wished that they took the plunge and went all the way with the horror story, the elements were there and the jump-scare at the start set things up nicely.

I was very exited to hear that this team was doing a horror. And while I think they pulled off the film they wanted to make. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't go fully for a horror especially as it had a very scary moment at the start. Minor story point. Why did they meet at a child's playground? Finals? Could well be. It had some good comedy and was stylishly made.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman is bothered by a troublesome poltergeist. JAGBOG have a history in this comp of making exactly the sort of film they want to; (ranging from crazy-town humour to intense drama) and damn the consequences! This year's effort is nicely shot and edited and has a really promising beginning with its great jump scare. That's, unfortunately, the highlight though as the next scene has some very painful & awkward dialogue. Then the horror turns a bit rom-com. So, like others I wish the scares had continued as you certainly have the skills to do unsettling.

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