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Guess Who?

by A Frican Good Time 143 views


Default Avatar odrusso

Really liked your mocumentary, thought it was a excellent take on the 'mistaken identity' genre. For improvements, I would work on your cinematography, maybe try to add more variety to the shots. They were all fairly safe decisions. Take some risks!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A mockumentary about a young man with prosopagnosia - an inability to recognise familiar faces. Obviously playing to their strengths, this Kaiapoi High School team produced a clever short that hits a number of the expected documentary conventions. There's certainly nice touches of humour and the "Guess Who" championship was an inspired decision. I would have liked the stakes upped a bit for our main character as while entertained, I was ever really rooting for him or that sympathetic of his affliction. Always glad to see school teams cast appropriately with the young girl (Lily) especially good in her role. Great work to be voted 2nd in your heat!

Loved the bleep on "he doesn't have a bleep fucking chance" I think there was a joke where he asked "Does he have brown hair?", and then couldn't work out which people to cross off. This could have been done a bit more deliberately to help people understand the joke and sell it. ie. close up of the board, his hand going over some, wavering, close off some of the wrong ones. Little girl was funny and well used

Yep. I really liked this film. Best laughs of the heat. Great deadpan performances. Really strong all the way around

Default Avatar Crocodile Thrunter

Hilarious. Loved the concept and was done relatively well. Would have been nice to have a bit more connection with the sister, it seemed a little as though she was 'just there'. Well acted and entertaining. Solid effort and look forward to seeing any future films.

A wonderfully silly premise with a suitable style and performances that all fit together quite well. Obviously you guys have a lot of room to grow but so long as you keep your fun sense of humor I am sure you will grow into decent film makers. My main criticism would be that some scenes weren't pushed far enough, Mikes temper tantrum in the "shes cheating" scene could have been way more epic, pro tip, school furniture is really durable, throw that shit.

This is insensitive to those with mental disabilities. Jokes. I chuckled in this. Especially that gag with the second tye-dye shirt. Ace. I feel there was a better story you NEARLY told in this, if only you explored why he wanted to be a Guess Who? champ. This could have been an interesting development if he was somehow good at the game. Or if he took pathetic pride in beating a little girl. Or just something that saw our lead actually overcome something. As it is, he's a guy with a stink condition who tries to face his issue head-on only to end up worse - the end. As a punchline to one joke, I can appreciate that - and that might be what you were going for. But we spent a bit of time with this character only to end up nowhere, and that can be a bit frustrating.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It's a bit amateurish but I can't really fault it too much since I was quite into it. Maybe I'm just tired of these Mockumentary films but as soon as they mentioned the guess who competition I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like if they hadn't just made the whole film based around the match.

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