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Yarn Bombers

by Christchurch On Air 53 views


Loved the look of pain and sadness on the lead detectives face after the bombers got away behind the tram. The playful, caring vibe of the bombers contrasted nicely with the anger and seriousness of the cops. Nice scene where the bombers cover the detective.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Yarn Bombers are terrorising Christchurch and it's up to a couple of inept detectives to bring them to justice. This was a lot of fun and pretty well-received by the audience. Music was well-used and in general the technical side of things was acceptable. I would have preferred that the story was about the Yarn Bombers though rather than the detectives as I think this could have made for some interesting hijinks and better opportunities to develop characters.

Lovely ending. Fun film.

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