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by Half Done Productions 246 views


Very funny and fast-paced shock ending movie. The shock wasn't totally unpredictable, but a nice twist with where the focus lay. Great acting and lots of bemused (I assume) members of the public left reeling in their wake. Some very good LOLs.

What I liked. Man this one was funny! Great visuals and a great take on the genre. I liked this film for exactly what I was. Yes it could have looked even better but the rough around the edges look only added to the comedy. Lots of lols and a way to start the heat. Lacked any real substance but that was the whole point.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An opening title card explains that the world has growing intestinal issues...we see the horror play out. I'm assuming this was actually a movie trailer? That's certainly the feel I got when the action starting jumping around and with the constant titles on the screen as well as the rising tempo towards the end. There were plenty of funny moments with extreme over-reactions from the cast which again ties in, for me, to a B-movie trailer. As such, this short was crying out for a movie trailer voice-over and it could have been cut down to about 2:30, a standard trailer length, as it got a little repetitive. The shock ending was well-played and again, an amusing touch! Nice work.

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