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The Delivery

by Creativesmiths 89 views


Default Avatar Tori Milligan

I really enjoyed this, the highlight was the masses of the Charlie Flowers coming down from the sky. Hilarious! The Charlie character was the highlight, great expressions and animations while clicking buttons and popping up from behind bushes. Would definitely watch again.

Great special effects. Good humor. I was left unsure about why was the Charlie Flowers in the house angry at the delivery Charlie Flowers - surely they are on the same team? Overall - Bravo!!!

My favourite film of the heat. Great concept and a strong delivery of that idea. Perhaps the ending could have been stronger or bigger? But hey. This is 48hours and endings are hard. This film was just great. Pure and simple. I hope to see this in the finals. GREAT costume too

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The RicEX Time Travel Express delivery service offers customers the opportunity to order goods today and have them delivered tomorrow! This was nicely shot, edited and acted. While really well executed the concept itself of "trying to do better" each time you go back is a very common one. I was reminded of a short filmed called "The One-Minute Time Machine" which explores a similar rom-com feel. Still, the effects worked well and it does require a lot planning to pull sometime like this off! Wouldn't surprise me to see this in the final - well done! EDIT - up for Best DQ'd film in CHCH; didn't realise this was the case!

Default Avatar owl

Really enjoyed this. Love how a bazillion charlies were appearing from the sky.

There are a number of cool things in this short (I'm a big fan of multiple versions of one dude in the same shot), the lead did well, and the concept introduces a good problem with having too many Charlies exist for the sole purpose of trying to say the right thing to a pretty girl. It just feels like the multi-Charlie thing doesn't go anywhere. We see heaps of them descend from the sky as a suave Charlie laughs at his former self in the face - but then it cuts off. Maybe the intent was that space-time collapse, but there's no solid reason why. If this danger was acknowledged at the start, it would add a lot of tension to the situation as it plays out. Just how desperate is this guy? How close to universal destruction is he willing to go to get this girl's attention? These are questions that could have been asked. But don't get me wrong: what we've got here is still entertaining.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Entertainment level was pretty solid, cut through some of the more rough aspects of the film like sound quality and picture. The beginning and the end were probably the weaker parts of the film but overall it was pretty good.

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