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Somebody Someone Paul Harrop

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Voting Season

I bloody loved this film! Such a great outing for a very promising high school team! The writing was excellent the acting was great and all the deaths were SO well executed. I SWEAR TO GOD GRETCHEN is probably my battle cry from now on. I hope this team sticks together and keeps making more awesome films. A real stand out team in a very strong heat.

Bloody Chimes

These guys are new to the competition and as a first time offering I think they knocked it out of the park. They clearly had a great time making this film and it shows in the final product which is crammed with cheeky lines, exciting lighting and gore a'pleanty

Some Family Business

Another slick entry by Brothers in Crime, a team I always enjoy scoping out in the competition, as always their film is filled with jokes and cool editing tricks. Great cast and great script.

Tane Huata: Puppet Hunter

Brothers in Crime are such a great team. I'm always impressed with these guys. Every year they get better and better. This years film was slick. Very well acted and hilarious. Very loosely genre. I would say this is a Mockumentary with some puppets than actually a puppet movie, but I'm splitting hairs Very well written. I can't help seeing Mockumentary as a bit of a cop-out but they did such a great job and are so darn charming that I can over look it. Reminded me of early days Josh Thomson.

The Drop

no lego?? NO LEGO??? WHAT IS THIS WORLD?? AM I IN THE DARKEST TIMELINE???? No Im not because Dog's Breakfast 2d animation is equally as good and memorable as their lego masterpieces. In fact the lack of lego meant i didn't have a part of my brain focusing on how cool their lego skills are and could fully concentrate on their script etc. A very very nice wee film with excellent use of ULTRA. felt like a hilarious animated episode of 24. If you go this route again in the future maybe you could see if you can get more expressions out of your characters as their blank eyed smiles didn't really change with the voice performances. But honestly that was quite charming to me. I loved it. the film so nice we saw it twice, well one and half times at least. good work forma great stalwart team.

Hide and Seek

Competent little two-hander with some intense emotional acting from the lead.

Beast Mode

a very smooth and flashy wee film this one. The team know how to get good shots and edit the dickens out of it. a simple story well told that the audience really enjoyed.

The Gust

The whole first half is a chaotic mess teenage fever dream for the youtube generation but the end was so technically amazing that Im left questioning what I saw at the start of the film. Was the epic sound and visual fails all on purpose? I dont know. Is this art? Probably.


This was really great, Such a well polished and cool wee film and a solo entrant as well! Phenomenal. Really took the audience with you

Gym Buddy

Really nice film, Well shot with a lot of polish. has the audience Oooh-ing at the gratuitous drone shot establishing the city. the strongest part of this film is the relationship between the two lead actors. Really sold me on the buddy aspect.

Santa's Smoko

Brothers in Crime are the best. Every year you can see them getting better and better. It's such a shame this film was late to hand in because it would be a contender in the Auckland finals for sure.

Attention Seekers

Oh man, I struggled with this one, I mean technically flawless, and a subject matter that, in whatever form it takes, is essential to talk about, I just wonder whether it lacked the pathos that it was striving for. I'm sure others will disagree and that's cool, Obviously this is all opinion so whatever, but i think if you're gonna take on topics like youth suicide then you gotta really earn that moment at the end. I just don't think this film did. Was a very polished production though with talented actors I was just left feeling that it was all laid on a bit thick Really good to see a team tackling the heavy stuff in a comp usually dominated with comedies. I just wish it landed more with me.

Thief In The Night

This felt like two or three different films thrown all together. a high stakes crime drama suddenly thrown into a comedy of errors. A bit more finesse with the writing would have helped to make the transition more palatable was left feeling that they forgot it was supposed to be a mystery film so just duct taped a mystery onto the end. Well acted though and nicely shot.


This was a good time. I love an absurd comedy with a clever premise. That opening scene with the toaster was fantastic. And the wee man inside the overalls was inspired. For my taste, the cheap gag at the end was a little disappointing, but that's just me, It went over really well with the audience.

House Rules

Punk is such a hard genre. I think it might be the worst this year. These guys handled it really well. The take of Charlie was cool, loved the dynamic between the punks and Charlies thoughtfulness. Good effort with what I think is a really hard genre

(Time) Travel Centre

So very slick. An excellent and clever take on the genre. There are some very smart and talented people on this team. I loved their film last year and this one is even better. The lead did a great job driving the story and her co-worker was a great comedy sidekick to break up the repetitive nature of the narrative. the ending left you with a real sense of trepidation where I felt the audience collectively holding their breath. Well played.

Finest Creation

It's rare to get a 48hour film that strives for emotional pathos and even rarer to get one that achieves it. A puppet movie where the puppeteer tugs on OUR heartstrings?? This was a beautiful film, professionally executed and well acted. I hope to see it at the Auckland finals

Popsicle Man

What a fantastic first time film. You guys should be proud. You put together a really enjoyable wee story and with a bit more experience you'll be making kick ass films in no time.

The Dare

A film with the most inclusive cast I've ever seen in a 48hour film. I love to see when a bunch of people from different walks of life come together to be create something, and these guys look like they had a good time. Was it more of a mystery film than mistaken identity? Maybe. But the writing was good and they told a nice wee story in the 5mins.


Always a team to watch out for, Cool Story bro delivers a great wee short here. The actors and camera work especially sell this one, The "awakener" really held it all together with excellent acting and timing. Good Job. The main joke that it was leading up to was the only real moment of "cringe" but it was definitely cringy. Also loved their use of wind. Pretty funny, probably more funny than the "big" joke at the end.

Happy Birthday

Lead actor was really compelling in this. The only thing I wonder about is if we weren't shown the genre "Alien" at the start whether we would know that its an alien film. We don't need to be spoon fed everything and its great that we can draw out own conclusions about whats going on, it just didn't feel very extraterrestrial to me. Apart form that it wad beautifully shot and acted and well deserving of audience favorite


Another solid effort by the forever polished Chillybox team. I really dig this team and how they always seem to wring the maximum level of awesomeness from their location, actors and genre to create believable and polished worlds and stories. Good job as always


You had us with the team intro and delivered in your endearing and heart felt film. A really beautiful story and an interesting take on the generation gap film. Nice work team