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by Cool Story Bro Film


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Two lovers go to a therapist to sort out a particular problem. This film was great. Really well acted and it was very cringe in places. Hilarious use of the laughter and some great directing/camera work and editing kept the story moving well and told some great visual gags. Possible finalist in my books.

So many laugh out loud moments; really well acted and beautifully shot. Cool Story Bro films set a high standard of production values and I think the lead actress will certainly be contending for overall best performance. Well done!

As always, Cool Story Bro have produced another polished 48Hours short. A simple premise elevated by fantastic performances from the leads. Sheena Irving as the 'awakener' was definitely a standout. Nice work, team!

An entertaining film throughout, that does well with a simple premise and single location.

Always a team to watch out for, Cool Story bro delivers a great wee short here. The actors and camera work especially sell this one, The "awakener" really held it all together with excellent acting and timing. Good Job. The main joke that it was leading up to was the only real moment of "cringe" but it was definitely cringy. Also loved their use of wind. Pretty funny, probably more funny than the "big" joke at the end.

Default Avatar tronboy81

Great work team!

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

So simple, so effective. I was really curious to see what this team would do when they got a genre so removed from their usual style. Turns out they do great! It was a film that could have been done by really leaning on stereotype but it felt natural and honest and cringy as all heck. I loved it. The 'awakener' was fantastic. She was over the top without ever becoming parodic and was so convincing. And the guys opposite played things nice and straight to heighten the performance of everyone. So great to see teams with a particular style really embrace something different.

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