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Finest Creation

by Angle3 Pictures 522 views


It's rare to get a 48hour film that strives for emotional pathos and even rarer to get one that achieves it. A puppet movie where the puppeteer tugs on OUR heartstrings?? This was a beautiful film, professionally executed and well acted. I hope to see it at the Auckland finals

I really liked the idea that this film brought to the table. An Alzheimer's patient who only communicates through puppets is a great concept, and it could have gone in a lot of ways. In the end though, I feel as though FINEST CREATION kind of stays put in the middle line, and doesn't venture to either the extreme silliness of the wacky puppet genre, nor the soul crushing tragedy of the subject matter. I would have liked to have seen Sarah enter a more goofy phase to try and communicate with her father, forcing herself to let go of her inhibitions and completely absorb herself in her puppet character, with a silly voice and everything, which is something I thought was being hinted at by the carer's initial puppet performance. Also, seeing as hugs don't actually cure Alzheimer's, it may have been a more appropriate moment of closure for Sarah to decide to come see her Father again now that she has a way to talk to him, instead of the melancholy reveal the film does end us on. Sorry! I know it's lame to have someone rewrite your story for you when you didn't even ask, but I just thought I'd send in my two cents. In the end, you guys made the Auckland final so you're already doing better than me, and I probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

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