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Gym Buddy

by 6 Million Bucks 473 views


This was a great example of script writing - the perfect level of complexity for a five-minute short. It managed to set up an expectation, subvert it, then twist back for an emotionally satisfying conclusion and a genuinely compelling buddy dynamic. Solid performances by all three of the main cast.

Cool buddy flick with a twist on the title. Sort of switched between being quite real and naturalistic to quite heightened which brought out the humour and contrast. I liked it because it satirises those silly registration offers that everyone really hates and the adrenalin junkies who try and sign you up to them. Had me laughing. Well shot and executed. Great collision, great female characters, I don't always remember the smash cut, good take on the buddy movie, and funny Wihelm scream moment.

Really nice film, Well shot with a lot of polish. has the audience Oooh-ing at the gratuitous drone shot establishing the city. the strongest part of this film is the relationship between the two lead actors. Really sold me on the buddy aspect.

Superb character relationship piece with a great lead-by-example message that pays off. Clean production, sound, and edit, but it's the rich script and the leads performances that drive this home. On first watch, the gym bait-n-switch feels like a very fresh and clever twist on "gym therapy", but on second watch, it does feel a bit odd that she would let the asshole instructor grill her pal for so long before intervening with why they're REALLY there. It's only a minor quibble, though. That bloody goofy Wilhelm Sceam has been a thorn in many sides this comp, including this short. It sounds completely different from the actor's voice and doesn't fit at all. That's the only rough in an otherwise treasure of a short film.

Some really nice acting and a really cool story arc, a lot to like here. The editing got a little silly though during the climax- it had seemed very grounded up until the (sadly obligatory) wilhelm scream, and then changed to a (sadly obligatory) Edgar Wright style. The stiletto through the hand seemed a little needlessly gory too.

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