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by Bald Faced Cheek 182 views


Default Avatar smiley1300

Probably my favourite of the night. Great idea and hilariously executed. Some of the humour was a bit shock-reliant and the story was obviously ridiculous, but since I liked the inspired silliness of the concept, it didn't really bother me. Well done!

This was a good time. I love an absurd comedy with a clever premise. That opening scene with the toaster was fantastic. And the wee man inside the overalls was inspired. For my taste, the cheap gag at the end was a little disappointing, but that's just me, It went over really well with the audience.

This team has been around for a long time now, and they are a threat to others in this heat thats for sure! The film is more a moment in time than a standard narrative. It's heavy voice over gives us enough exposition to understand what's happened to the world, but I was left wanting more story. I wanted to know our protagonist better and understand him. I felt like the jokes got in the way of what 'could have been'. It just felt like it was 60-70% of the way there then stopped and ended with an incredibly crass shock gag. Overall it was clever in places, shot well enough and just needed more story to make it really feel like a great narrative. Just look passed your own gags and give more next time (in my opinion).

Default Avatar owl

The monologue at the beginning was really well written! Love it. Using balloons are almost as challenging as using puppets. love the brain wool in the ground. I didn't understand how they were controlling the humans. The ending was random.

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