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by Euphoria Entertainment


Filled with heart. I really enjoyed this meditative and nuanced reflection on the generation gap genre. It's refreshing to see something that embraces the importance of intergenerational differences as opposed to pitting them against themselves. Very well done team.

You had us with the team intro and delivered in your endearing and heart felt film. A really beautiful story and an interesting take on the generation gap film. Nice work team

Default Avatar James1992

Really enjoyed the narrative of the film and the social message which reflects one of the main issues relating to the subject.... Well done Team Euphoria Entertainment...

What appears on the surface to be rather simplistic is elevated by the charming performances and an overall winning blend of humour and poignancy. It's a fine two person effort and a refreshing realist effort in a competition which is more about everyone trying to outdo each other in weirdness (don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good weird in the competition) when often a simple story well told can be just as effective.

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