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Happy Birthday

by Blackhawk 96 views


Default Avatar film e up

Really enjoyed this short film. Some awesome shots and ridiculously good acting. Great plot and I was genuinely sad when it ended, I wanted to know some answers haha. Really top job.

Fantastic lead performance, great cinematography and well put together non linear narrative that engages throughout puts this film as a highlight of the Heat 2 films I saw verging on a maximum score. Some very minor quibbles about the ending are the only thing keeping me from proclaiming it as a definite Auckland city finalist, but I would be very surprised if some award noms aren't in this films future. If you like your alien conspiracies with a touch of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits this film is for you.

Awesome, fast paced action film here. Excellent camerawork with great acting. The story diverged into strange places, but somehow kept it all tied together in a neat bow. An alien film that was a birthday film?

Lead actor was really compelling in this. The only thing I wonder about is if we weren't shown the genre "Alien" at the start whether we would know that its an alien film. We don't need to be spoon fed everything and its great that we can draw out own conclusions about whats going on, it just didn't feel very extraterrestrial to me. Apart form that it wad beautifully shot and acted and well deserving of audience favorite

Default Avatar blackfyre

An excellent production with a full-circle type take on the plot where the payoff is dark but yet intriguing. The lead actor is definitely very talented and did a great job illustrating the contrast between the 2 very different personalities with the makeup and costume team also playing a vital role with that distinction. As outstanding as the cinematography was, I would have to give praise to the audio production because the sound editing was simply sensational and having that clarity and focus during the "Happy Birthday" sequence gives the main theme its moment to truly flourish. Some may question the plot and ideas presented especially in terms of the "Alien" genre but I think overall, Blackhawk did a fantastic job adapting the genre into something that will get you asking more questions than you have answers, which is definitely a good thing. Score: 5/5

Default Avatar Louie

The best so far in this heat. I was literally drawn to the lead actor. His presence and great acting had me on sitting up right. Curiosty of the genre Alien was questionable but the interpretation revealed itself through some sort of branding displayed on the actors necks. Cinematography was outstanding as was the clarity of the lead actors dialogue, very clear! I wouldnt be surprised if the actor was nominated!

Beautifully shot and well acted by the lead, let down on other fronts. This team crafted a story that fitted well into the time limit, but failed to capture the imagination of the viewer. The story felt cliche and lacked depth or originality. Each scene, each moment is an opportunity for creativity, but the dialogue fell flat. Each line should be used to craft an original and interesting character, instead of just telling the story. I remember the line 'I just woke up in a warehouse' or something being repeated several times. While the lead stood out, and kept my attention, the other actors struggled. Could be a competitive team next year with a focus on story and dialogue.

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