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Voting Season

by Bacon vs Lollipop 535 views


I really liked this one. Definitely the best and most polished effort I've scene from a school team(?) in the competition. I liked the dark humour, and the fact that the main protagonist was so passionate about her goal that I was routing for her, despite her actually being a nasty character with a nasty goal. I thought the acting was on point as well and the deaths were well executed. Good use of the recurring line as well. I did feel the ending was a little predictable for me, but very well-executed nonetheless. Nice work.

I bloody loved this film! Such a great outing for a very promising high school team! The writing was excellent the acting was great and all the deaths were SO well executed. I SWEAR TO GOD GRETCHEN is probably my battle cry from now on. I hope this team sticks together and keeps making more awesome films. A real stand out team in a very strong heat.

Heck yeah, this is absolutely what 48HOURS is about. Really impressive effort from a high school aged team, that stood out in the heat regardless of their age. The film follows a Head Girl election process at a high school which is marred by a serious of increasingly creative murders, particularly liked the one where the murderer rubbed butter on the stairs. Just the right amount of tomato sauce blood, energetic and memorable performances from the cast - everything that makes 48HOURS great.

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