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Some Family Business

by Brothers In Crime


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A family of superheroes battle the enemy, while one of them is trying to get into university. A fun film with some great laughs. Good use of the wind element I thought and the daughter that kept getting shutdown was hilarious. I enjoyed it :)

A heartfelt spin on a superhero family. Solid performances from the leads, good comedic timing, and great editing that allowed viewers to follow the narrative even during frantic action and arguments. Cute little story with a wholesome ending and good gags.

A solid and enjoyable offering from the Brothers in crime. A great cast ensures a hightened and completely believable family dynamic. Just great stuff as I've come to expect.

Another slick entry by Brothers in Crime, a team I always enjoy scoping out in the competition, as always their film is filled with jokes and cool editing tricks. Great cast and great script.

This one was of the few that stood out in the heat. Acting was great and comic timing was pretty sharp. The energy and pace was good and the incorporation of the wind element was clever. These guys clearly put effort into their film and it payed off. The genre didn't feel best used with this film but it was definitely there.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

A nice, different take on the superhero genre that continues to saturate the market. The story could have benefited from a bit more development as things seemed a little un-setup at times, and while it wasn't really difficult to follow, things sometimes came a little out of nowhere as there could have been a bit more backstory to really get to grips with the characters. Most of the cast gave good performances (dad was a bit wooden at times) and I liked the simple yet distinct costumes which really helped differentiate things. Really liked the use of the wind element. I would hazard to say it was the genesis of the idea and it was a good move. The actual physical implementation was really well done, too.

I enjoyed the randomness of the various superpowers and the use of effects, particularly the fire out of the hand. Overall I felt there needed to be a bit more care in joining some of the dots however.

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