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Somebody Someone theoshakes

14 Reviews


The Snapper

well filmed. Story was alright but not incredible. Nice metaphor

Self Service

This is the kind of film thats gonna be a finalist just because of it's good cinematography (which it was) and high budget equipment. Yet story made no sense once it caught up to present day?! Left me, not so stunned. Lighting was nice though

Some Family Business

This one was of the few that stood out in the heat. Acting was great and comic timing was pretty sharp. The energy and pace was good and the incorporation of the wind element was clever. These guys clearly put effort into their film and it payed off. The genre didn't feel best used with this film but it was definitely there.

Day Out

Great editing at the beginning. Few technical issues and story lacked but seemed like the team had great fun making it.

The Followers

This was one of the best movies of the night. Great story line with a twist at the end. The jump scare was fantastic and I liked the idea of followers instead of zombies. Excluding 4k quality, for kids this is pretty amazing work.