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The Snapper

by Michaels Baes


well filmed. Story was alright but not incredible. Nice metaphor

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

The production value on this short was fantastic. I just wish they'd used some of the time they spent making it look fantastic on getting the story to make some kind of sense. It's clear that they were going for a bit of a mind fuck and had a great setup but I really don't think there was any kind of payoff that left me feeling cheated. Maybe there's some metaphor than I'm just not getting. Maybe this is a film that only really reads for people with kids. I don't know. Almost everything about this film was well done but without the semblance of a coherent story it just falls disappointingly flat.

Like many, I'm not really sure what was going on in this film, but I still loved it. From the moment we see the fish 'come out', I was hooked... Though the lack of coherency with the rest of the story did leave me feeling kind of unsatisfied- I would love to know what this film 'means', if it does mean anything.

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