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Tane Huata: Puppet Hunter

by Brothers In Crime 833 views


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This film was hilarious, brilliantly acted, great concept, and had such a fantastic ending! Unfortunately I did have a bit of an issue with it - it just didn't quite seem in the spirit of the genre. I know you probably had actors that really wanted to act and all that jazz, but it just didn't feel... puppety enough, even though you worked puppets into the main story in a funny way. Maybe that's just me though.

Brothers in Crime are such a great team. I'm always impressed with these guys. Every year they get better and better. This years film was slick. Very well acted and hilarious. Very loosely genre. I would say this is a Mockumentary with some puppets than actually a puppet movie, but I'm splitting hairs Very well written. I can't help seeing Mockumentary as a bit of a cop-out but they did such a great job and are so darn charming that I can over look it. Reminded me of early days Josh Thomson.

Super funny film with strong performances across the board. A mockumentary about a Conan The Barbarian style warrior who travels through modern day towns murdering puppets - while they are still on people's hands. This film was very slick with cool post production effects, and packed with plenty of great gags... most of them being about chopping off people's hands. I particularly enjoyed the supporting character who complained about the town masseuse giving massages with stumps. Pretty light on story, but not really a problem when it's this much fun.

Did well to create world around puppet hunting - esp with the pokemon craze atm. Blood effects a little overused, but something easily fixed with more time. Decent comedy woven throughout too.

This film really impressed me a lot more than I thought it would! The initial Mockumentary style kind of put me off, but your story is awesome and the ending nearly had my rolling on the floor of the cinema.

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