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by Cold Blooded


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A guy wakes up in a broken rental ship and only has minutes to live. Props to Cold Blooded for a great solo team effort. I loved the use of Lego (obviously Dog's Breakfast are big fans of Lego) and mixing it with live action - light have to steal that idea one year :) I thought the acting was great and the setup for the whole thing was well put together.

A very clever approach to solo 48. Fantastic use of miniatures and lighting, great VFX & motion graphics, and really solid acting and writing from the sole creator. This is what 48Hours is all about. This was easily one of my favorites of the night.

An excellent solo effort. Loved the visuals and thought you used your resources very cleverly.

This was really great, Such a well polished and cool wee film and a solo entrant as well! Phenomenal. Really took the audience with you

Dang, such a great little film, especially considering this was a solo effort. Cool story that really worked with the real-time genre. There was a definite sense of urgency and desperation, yet a strong calmness at the same time. A terrifying scenario with a great performance and script that felt like it knew what it was talking about, being sci-fi/spaceship-centric and all. Really creative uses of lighting, motion graphics and practical effects too. Top job getting achieving all this on your lonesome. Solid work. Loved it.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This was a neat idea, and clearly relished in the lo-fi aesthetic. The lead gave a good performance as a man contemplating his imminent death and it wasn't hard to empathise with him. The ending was a little predictable which is weird as I also thought it was a bit inconsistent. Still, for a one man team, it was a solid effort and deserved it's place in the top three for the heat.

Default Avatar ADizzle

An incredible solo effort that really shines. Great writing, cinematography, editing and vfx make this an all round great watch! The text to speech/computer voice for the ship worked really well too! Solid effort!

Working through all 2019 films in the screening room, haven't seen most of them but will be stunned if there are any solo efforts as good as this one. This came across as a short film hybrid version of Her, Moon and Buried. I assume as a one man team you must have done the female operating system voice as well. The references to time left showed a grasp of the real time concept. This is my 21st review and 3rd 6 star (no 7 stars yet) again a remarkable solo effort and a tremendously entertaining film overall.

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