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The Dare

by All-In Productions 137 views


Default Avatar BerNZ

This film covers all criteria required. It is scripted well and the actors are natural in their roles. This film has a little drama, suspense and humour which lends itself to being very entertaining without being over the top. The film has been well edited with good quality of recorded sound.

A film with the most inclusive cast I've ever seen in a 48hour film. I love to see when a bunch of people from different walks of life come together to be create something, and these guys look like they had a good time. Was it more of a mystery film than mistaken identity? Maybe. But the writing was good and they told a nice wee story in the 5mins.

Default Avatar Bennet Shaw

There was some really well directed key sequences in this short aswell as good use of lighting and props to create the tension and mystery around the mistaken identity. Liked the zanny characters and also the bellowing laughter. Looking forward to see what these guys come up with next.

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