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Thief In The Night

by Blackhawk 263 views


Default Avatar smiley1300

Very well acted and well shot, and a great twist on the genre element. Particularly enjoyed the scenes when the flat mate came home and when the "twist" happened. Issue was the film was how uneven it was tonally for me. I felt it didn't settle into a particular tone, it alternated between dark thriller and silly comedy a little too abruptly in my opinion.

This felt like two or three different films thrown all together. a high stakes crime drama suddenly thrown into a comedy of errors. A bit more finesse with the writing would have helped to make the transition more palatable was left feeling that they forgot it was supposed to be a mystery film so just duct taped a mystery onto the end. Well acted though and nicely shot.

Probably the most intense film this heat in terms of acting, although audio patchy in one or two spots (maybe deliberate?). Violent, but kept it's feet in reality which is good when making something this short. Ppl need to understand it.

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