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(Time) Travel Centre

by Chillybox 11,174 views


Default Avatar smiley1300

What a cool concept and use of genre! Was impressively engaging considering the characters never left the office. Nicely edited /sound-mixed with the phone calls and things as well, and was well acted - loved the main character and the way they made her "too nice" (i.e. too thoughtful). Comedy was a little hit-and-miss and I prefer films that aren't all in one location if they don't have to be (personal preference though I suppose). I also was just left wanting more by the end... I suppose that's a good thing in a way though!

So very slick. An excellent and clever take on the genre. There are some very smart and talented people on this team. I loved their film last year and this one is even better. The lead did a great job driving the story and her co-worker was a great comedy sidekick to break up the repetitive nature of the narrative. the ending left you with a real sense of trepidation where I felt the audience collectively holding their breath. Well played.

More or less a one-location movie. Immaculately shot with clear dialogue. While some of the comedic timing felt a bit forced, the story was the driving factor and had us all edge of seat come 5 minutes.

A really nice take on the time travel genre. For a very minimalist production (shot-wise at least) it looked great, with nicely framed shots and a good looking set. The sound was mixed near flawlessly and the acting was pretty damn fine. The concept and direction of the story really hold the whole thing together and keep you interested, considering some of the dialogue is a little forced at times and there were moments where I felt the comedy didn't play out as well as it could have. Either way, there was a nice feeling of suspense leading up to the final moments and you really got invested in what was going to happen. A solid effort from a strong team. Nice work guys.

Chillybox turned in one of my favourite films last year, and so I was excited to see what they had to offer this time around! A very slick and professional looking/sounding short, and the acting is great, and reminiscent of the writing style they've established before. I think the most impressive thing about the movie is how accurate and convincing both the writing and delivery of the callers lines were. Like it felt like I was listening to 40-something New Zealanders ringing in about their time holiday, it added a layer of authenticity which I really appreciated. The film kind of ends in an odd place, it kind of felt as though we were owed a more clarifying ending, as my mind couldn't really make the leap over what horrible tragedy was about to befall Auckland, and what it even had to do with the time travel story.

Pretty much perfect. Goosebumps on the skin and not a moment of fat to the storytelling. Incredible sound mix, foreboding and gripping unique original vision. Touche.

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