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A Desire to Kill

Wow. The visual and audio quality was superb. Easily in the top 4 films within the Gizzy region. That part when the Clown Crashed into the sign actually had me rewinding that part over and over again. I'm going to say that this was probably my fav Kratos film of all time. Even outdoing their 2014 Whai Utu....... I think..... I duno. Blood + Gore + Profanity = Happy Rob.

The Great Great Mistake

Kratos as per usual Lots of gore, lots of profanity. My only pet peeves was the sound. It seemed like in certain parts specifically during the talking parts that the sound was recorded via the camera. Aside from that I hope Matua Peter Jackson selects this as one of his wildcards. Gizzy hasnt made the GF in a couple of years. Hopefully we dont have to wait for that pesky group TEAM INDEED to enter in 2020. lol


How the heck did this not make the city finals? Judges we're a bit weird this year I guess.... Nice psychedelic sfx. Quite a neat thought provoking concept. I thought the lead actress did a good job.

Fender Bender

THIS WAS BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!!! I commend the girl in this for letting you drag her through the mud. lol GG Guys

A Bro's Life

Absolutely, hands down the best film at the Grand Finals. Powerful message. So many feels. This should have won in my opinion. High production value, entertainment factor 9000. The fact that you guys didn't win any awards that night is a complete mystery to me.

The Radical Adventures of Captain Flowers and his Sidekick Barnaby against the Legions of Evil. Episode 1: Fleeced

How the hell did this not make it into the finals? The judges must be biased old prudes who ship Shortland Street!!!! Anywho I enjoyed this film very much. Sound was off in parts but the art style is excellent. Hope you guys win best animation.

A Kiwi Steal

LOL. This was fantastic. Only country hicks (such as myself) would understand the humour. Relatable to the days. Chuck a mutton in the boot for a hangi. LOL

A Close Shave

Ben is getting better each year with his films. Jolly good show. I wouldn't be surprised to see him take the title this year or even receive the Runner Up award. Definitely one of the better films I saw that day. Quality wise this was probably one of the strongest, plot was ok, everything else was spot on. Good luck at the finals Ben & Co.

The Noise Of Life

Ah Kratos. What can I say this year about your film? Whomever did your camera work did an absolute fine job. Probably the best transitions and cuts I've ever seen from you guys. Editing was well done. Smooth transitions from scene to scene. Good use of the leaf-blower aka the wind element. The story was ok I guess. It felt rather corny in parts (falling down the hill looked hilariously fake) but I love that sort of thing. The child swearing in the background cracked me up and when Jol blurted out "Oi you shouldn't talk to your mother that way." It was like spring break but with older gents. lol. Also, you guys totalled a few vehicles. Nice touch.

Jaron Avner's Revenger's Disemble

It's a film about filmmakers making a.... uh film. lol I thought it was quirky. Personally not my top pick but my team (made up of 4 kids) voted and chose this film as their audience favorite. .They absolutely loved this flick. As a collective I award this film a 4/5. Nice flick guys, and lol at the long intro credits.

Mind the Bullocks

Definitely the best film of Heat 2. Despite the excessive swearing I really enjoyed the bloody and violent nature of the film. This film is definitely in the finals. Good luck.

Bromancing The Stone

FILM LYRICS Well I was sitting all alone in the dole cue I gotta get paid, by my man uncle john (ooh) That moment, in the corner of my eye Walked in, a burly guy ----standin at 4.ft .5 He had a thick moustache, and a really cool car And his name, tattooed on his arm I could tell, he's a bonafide rock star I asked for the time, he said half past lunch time, We hit it off like a couple of birds Or a couple of girls, like in a manly way Drunk a couple brews, Had a good laugh Spewed out my guts, inside of his car We formed a bond, a real strong connection Bro to bro love, real friendship perfection Don't be jealous girls, he's taken, He spent the night with me playing super smash and tekken (Chorus) Bromance, it's such a beautiful thing I'll be with you till the end of time Talk about bromance It's such a beautiful day (Verse 2 ) When you need a wingman, he'll be there by your side When you get rejected, his shoulders there to cry When it's really cold outside, he'll give you his jacket The jacket that he jacked from a dude named 'Clarence' But I don't really give a duck Man hug for luck Fist bumps all day when he scores us some (oh The dude really knows me He really cares Even does my laundry and hangs out my underwear - Late nights online, all the time - Co-op buddies playing Call of Booty 5 When it's my birthday, -- he'll be there He's so thoughtful, he knows I like cuddle bears. I can't think of a happier time. Maxed out stats with the bro perk! Sublime!! Now let me hear the hook, ONE MORE TIME Bromance 4 life!!!! Anywhere, all the time. (Chorus) Bromance, it's such a beautiful thing I'll be with you till the end of time Talk about bromance It's such a beautiful day (Verse 3) I caught you cheating, with another bro I feel rejected, what the hell bro? - This is not how a bro, treats another bro Adultery styles is not cool yo But I'm sure there's an explanation Like you tripped and fell accidently (aye son? No? That's us man, stick them up, I'ma bout to lay the smackdown on ur butt to the left, to the left to the right to the light Mike tyson styles and bite your hide Blood drawn, fight clubs on It seems that I am winning till he kicked me in the (ho!) After a well ought battle, the dust has settled Feelings cast aside, I'm so sorry, yes, so Please forgive me, I overreacted Let's take things back to the way we had them

Survival shoot

I'm unsure why this didn't make the City Finals. Quality is there but this film's premise is a lot similar to 'Shot Lads' in heat 2.(Film about making a film) I reckon you kids have charm. Keep going guys.

Who Are You?

Film quality is superb. Fight sequences are done very convincingly. Only thing I didn't like was the antagonists speech, the accent and delivery was pretty shite. Aside from that I enjoyed the Fight Club-esce film. With a better plot, I believe this team can dominate the competition in the coming years. p.s The antagonist just wanted an excuse to show off his pecks ;) Good effort guys.

Le Heist en Cajun

LOL. Aww man the red balaclava dude oughta get a best actor nomination!!! His "Hello fellow thieves" actually really cracked me up. Just the way he said it was gold!!! I hope you guys weren't DQ'ed for the use of the Star Wars theme? I reckon if it was a little shorter this film would have made the Gizzy finals. You guys have potential!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Kaiti Vice

Very nice SFX. The story kinda flew above my head, but I guess my attention was stuck on the ass kicking and guns. You guys are awesome and I look forward to your future films. Well done boys (and or girls)

Lasting Impressions

Big fan of DF10. Same crack up humor. Lighting was a bit inconsistent. Was my 2nd fav film this heat but I voted as audience fav because of the condom scene. Lol.

Knock, Knock...

Awesome film. The creepy nurse dude was a fantastic actor. Professional looking in parts but lighting was the issue in others.

The world needs laughter

So um, yeah. Quite a unique film. I liked the clock tower part. Nice job on the SFX. The transitions from scene to scene we're a bit weird.... I can't explain it. I guess it's not my kind of film. Creatively it's pretty awesome, just didn't hold my attention. Well done for the runner up position placing nonetheless. Personally I found it pretty odd, but yet again, my eye for detail is pretty rubbish. lol


I've been waiting to see this film since I missed the City Finals a few weeks ago. My most anticipated Gizzy film this year. Here we go.... Not going to lie..... This film was super strange..... Reminds me of my bros 2013 48hours Hamilton City Winner, THE EMPATH. (Go watch it in the screening room) I can certainly see this film confusing people. The story is really open to interpretation. Heck, from my point of view Kelvin has joined a cult akin to 'Heaven's Gate' (Google this kiddies and then you'll get the reference) Lastly the filter/s that were used actually really gave the film a certain character....... Like it felt like a 70's or 80's cultist film believing Aliens to be the true coming of Jesus. The looping of audio really made this film feel like a brainwashing seminar. I'm a bit conflicted on this one whether I liked it or not. From a technical/creative point of view, it's a bloody masterpiece!!!! From a casual regular perspective...... it's a tad bit weird for me..... But perhaps that's the mastery behind it? It's a bit too avant garde for us simpletons to comprehend? To that Ma am deserve the praise. because I've never seen a Gizzy film quite like it. I've seen a few 48 films like in the other regions though.... But congrats guys. Hope to see ya'll next time :)

Tony's Last Day Again

Man. I really dig the concept. Like the dolls is exactly how I used to make my old Pokemon short films (Inspired from What Now old sketch). One of my students laughed and told me all about this film. Finally saw it in the screening room. Saw the original film too and can easily say that the quality of the sequel is like 100x better than the original. The only thing that bugged me was Tony's voice, I know it's deliberately CUCK but gosh dang I hate it!!! (Sorry Josh) Great film.

A Familiar Feeling

This is the first Grand Finals winner that I've actually ever enjoyed (well, in recent memory) The awkward moments didn't really seem cringe, actually they we're quite relatable. lol But the end, oh man, what a brilliant twist. WHAT A BLOODY MASTERPIECE!!!1 Well deserved win guys.

Cotton Tail

Typical DF10 entertaining flick. Slow in the beginning. Funny premise. However I've seen this concept with a previous entry a few years back. Oooohhhh. Looking forward to see if the Champ can be dethroned this year. Cant wait 4 da Finals. ;)

Paradise Forbidden

Make up looked quite neat. Very interesting biblical concept. Quite short for a Cowps film. I actually dug it. Whoever did the song can sang. :)

Merry Christmas Boys

Started off quite light hearted, then got quite morbid near the end. Had some awesome looking shots. Action sequences and sound effects for the punches we're quite convincing. Probably a contender for the best editing award. churrr

Remembering Q

This was actually kind of sweet. I like how you guys aren't afraid to explore the 'unconventional' love story. Kudos to you guys. Storyline was kind of weird near the end, But I admire the effort. GG

Broken Passage

Very thought provoking. Easily a city finalist in my opinion. Probably the highest production value of all films I saw this year. Well done.

Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever

Hmmmmm. Something about this film felt quite a bit different from previous Cowps Films...... The quality...... like editing and transitions weren't quite up to par with last year and the year before. But alas, screw the technical aspects. I did crack up at this film and did enjoy it. According to my fellow teammate Georgina who went to the City Finals, she was disappointed that this film did not win as she said the Kelvin film was too strange (Haven't seen Kelvin as of this writing) Both dudes had good chemistry together. The guy with the beard in my opinion was fantastic. Even the way they interacted with one another seemed genuinely something bros would do. The creepy part when his mate came home late actually really sold me on his character. Out of all the Gizzy 48 films I saw this year this one certainly was the quirkiest. To you Michael Hollis, cause I know you read these, Jigga start making them webseries. To me this film felt like a pilot to a NZ series something Maori Television would fund. Like start doing sketches bro and putting them up on Youtube!!!!

Down 2 The Wire

Just saw this in the Screening Room. Quality wasn't quite up there compared to the 1st film. The sound cutting prematurely when the chick went in for a hug was noticeably awkward. This sequel felt like Starship Troopers 2 as opposed to the greatness that was the first film. Maybe the lack of costumes? Perhaps a darker filter in post production might have made it a bit more....... gritty? I duno,....... Just felt off compared to the 1st film. Can't really explain it. But alas, even the great and mighty eventually fall. Love your guys work. Your throne awaits next year :) Peace!!!!

Rock The Night

Being bias giving our film top marks. But yeah. lol

The Not So Expendables

Personally this was my fav film today. Unfortunately I couldn't get my team to vote for yous in the audience favorite. Your guys song was a banger. Sexy camera work too. Well done.

The Spies Who Knew Nothing

Arguably the most clever film I saw tonight. They broke the 4th wall which cracked me up. Refering to the continuity issues suggest to me that these guys have or probably studied film at Uni or Wintec before....... Or just entered the 48 a whole buttload of times. Regardless I see this progressing to the City Finals. But we can only see who wins Gold ;)


Awesome musical. The lead actress was a good singer. This will probably win best original song catergory at the Hamilton finals. GG