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I've been waiting to see this film since I missed the City Finals a few weeks ago. My most anticipated Gizzy film this year. Here we go.... Not going to lie..... This film was super strange..... Reminds me of my bros 2013 48hours Hamilton City Winner, THE EMPATH. (Go watch it in the screening room) I can certainly see this film confusing people. The story is really open to interpretation. Heck, from my point of view Kelvin has joined a cult akin to 'Heaven's Gate' (Google this kiddies and then you'll get the reference) Lastly the filter/s that were used actually really gave the film a certain character....... Like it felt like a 70's or 80's cultist film believing Aliens to be the true coming of Jesus. The looping of audio really made this film feel like a brainwashing seminar. I'm a bit conflicted on this one whether I liked it or not. From a technical/creative point of view, it's a bloody masterpiece!!!! From a casual regular perspective...... it's a tad bit weird for me..... But perhaps that's the mastery behind it? It's a bit too avant garde for us simpletons to comprehend? To that Ma am deserve the praise. because I've never seen a Gizzy film quite like it. I've seen a few 48 films like in the other regions though.... But congrats guys. Hope to see ya'll next time :)

Default Avatar Logan Kingsbeer

I give you guys props on a risk taking, "thought provoking" creative film. But I'm unsure on what I watched, I don't know if putting a VHS filter on top of stock footage and random shots with nonsense narration count as a science fiction short film. I am interested in what this team can do next year, things can only go up from here! Also I don't know what the judges were on when crowning this the Gisborne region winner. Was this really our best film to show the rest of the country.

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