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The Spies Who Knew Nothing

by SnowForge 140 views


This was entertaining. If the actors had truly committed to the skit, this film could have risen way above all others. But there was that slight piss-take vibe that is very common in 48-hour films. Anyway, a fun ride with clever ideas and snappy editing.

really simple set-up here, a spy vs spy thing with heaps of swearing and a really good back-and-forth between the leads. silly fun.

Arguably the most clever film I saw tonight. They broke the 4th wall which cracked me up. Refering to the continuity issues suggest to me that these guys have or probably studied film at Uni or Wintec before....... Or just entered the 48 a whole buttload of times. Regardless I see this progressing to the City Finals. But we can only see who wins Gold ;)

Default Avatar AgentIvanFox

Another solid comedy by SnowForge. This probably isn't something the team is that concerned about but after a lot of sound difficulties throughout the heats I watched, SnowForge had crystal clear sound design. Anyway back to the story - simple comedy set-up but thought the last pay-off could have been a reversal of some kind. It ended slowly not with a bang (well it did end with a 'BANG' - you know what I mean). The continuity joke earns another star.

Default Avatar Dr Wilson

A good comedy in amongst the heat. starting to see a bit of a pattern from this team in the sense of producing comedy films. would be good to see something different from This team next year. Overall good film

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