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Somebody Someone Enni

17 Reviews


Cotton Tail

A fun Easter story with a proper ending, which seemed to be missing from most films in this heat. The moment with the child playing and the car reversing had me covering my eyes. Thank God it was just the Easter bunny! The driving in the beginning felt waaaay too long. The conversation with the son was lovely, beautifully acted and heart breaking.

The Spies Who Knew Nothing

This was entertaining. If the actors had truly committed to the skit, this film could have risen way above all others. But there was that slight piss-take vibe that is very common in 48-hour films. Anyway, a fun ride with clever ideas and snappy editing.

When one door closes

An ambitiously large story fit into 5 minutes. This one had real tenderness and a heart warming quality to it. The dad's ghost / epiphany scene in the middle was very abrupt and the resulting character change quite hilarious, but it worked in its own style. The door knob lingo was a nice touch.