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Cotton Tail

by DF10 53 views


'be careful what you wish for' is the message here when our man steals easter by running over the eponymous bunny. pretty funny - the father/son phone conversation particularly stands out. some nice gore and a touch of blasphemy for good measure. the pacing was fairly sluggish which unfortunately holds the film back.

A fun Easter story with a proper ending, which seemed to be missing from most films in this heat. The moment with the child playing and the car reversing had me covering my eyes. Thank God it was just the Easter bunny! The driving in the beginning felt waaaay too long. The conversation with the son was lovely, beautifully acted and heart breaking.

Typical DF10 entertaining flick. Slow in the beginning. Funny premise. However I've seen this concept with a previous entry a few years back. Oooohhhh. Looking forward to see if the Champ can be dethroned this year. Cant wait 4 da Finals. ;)

Default Avatar AgentIvanFox

Solid entry from the DF-10 team again. The pay-off of running over JC was great. Really did a bait and switch type deal with the young girl too, was expecting her to be run over to increase the bad situation of the protag. Only comments would be chopping a lot of the first minute or so of driving. It didn't add anything to the story. I could have seen our character passing a church during easter to hit the message home even more if a driving sequence was required. DF-10 certainly like their comedy to have specific targets that push social norms, always refreshing to see over the 'Hot Boxed Car' sub-genre.

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