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Broken Passage

by Cold Gravity Productions


Very thought provoking. Easily a city finalist in my opinion. Probably the highest production value of all films I saw this year. Well done.

Default Avatar Mk92

Initially I was wondering where it would lead to but I quickly understood what was happening. Executed in a fantastic manner and made for a good thinker.

Frankton train station takes on metaphorical qualities as someone tries to break a cycle of events that brought them to death. Thought that the prop action wasn't going to get better than the olde pocket watch but then there was an actual coffin? woah. the lighting for the interior scene was so moody- really fit the vibe there. the song (which I'm gonna assume is an original composed for the comp) was a real stand-out too. the story probably went over my head (hard to catch all the subtleties first go-round) but somebody said to me it's pretty similar to some television serial they've got on that internet television they've got these days.

Default Avatar Dysnomia

I really enjoyed this - very thought provoking and I loved the metaphorical use of the train station. Also, where the heck did you get a coffin from?! Great cinematography and editing too, particularly when the passengers step onto the train.

Default Avatar bennewton95

Couple of bits where the colour needed more attention (some blues that exist near the train station in some shots but not in others). Some bits that could have been masked such as the background bridge cars. Otherwise, pretty good. I edited this film, so, these are my mistakes ;)

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