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A Desire to Kill

by Kratos 423 views


Default Avatar Jordan Perry

Was a great film, really clear story. I also liked the comedy that was added to the film, such as the bike hitting the sign. Another thing I noticed was the audio clarity. The sound was really well recorded. The only thing that would have helped was a little more movement in the film (slider or crane shots). Overall I thought it was a very professional short film.

Wow. The visual and audio quality was superb. Easily in the top 4 films within the Gizzy region. That part when the Clown Crashed into the sign actually had me rewinding that part over and over again. I'm going to say that this was probably my fav Kratos film of all time. Even outdoing their 2014 Whai Utu....... I think..... I duno. Blood + Gore + Profanity = Happy Rob.

The opening scene was brilliant, the old best/worst argument was served really well by the lead actors performance. This team put together a really solid film, high technical proficiency in all areas with a really clear story. While the story was clear I feel there was a dip in momentum when the wannabe killer took on the guise of a clown, he probably should have gone and killed someone instead of doing a silly card trick(a silly card trick that killed someone I could get behind!). And speaking of behinds, I feel like I've seen that butt reveal shot somewhere before... :p

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