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Tony's Last Day Again

by Kaiti Hill 50 views


Man. I really dig the concept. Like the dolls is exactly how I used to make my old Pokemon short films (Inspired from What Now old sketch). One of my students laughed and told me all about this film. Finally saw it in the screening room. Saw the original film too and can easily say that the quality of the sequel is like 100x better than the original. The only thing that bugged me was Tony's voice, I know it's deliberately CUCK but gosh dang I hate it!!! (Sorry Josh) Great film.

Default Avatar Logan Kingsbeer

I remember watching the original film and wanting to make my own, the following year I made my first film in the festival. I feel like this was the perfect sequel from the back catalogue of Kaiti Hill films. Great use of Miniature sets, real world locations, characters and animals!

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