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Who Are You?

by Camera Child 529 views


I've never been a huge fan of direct takes on more well known films in this competition - I like a good reference or homage and this one borrowed really heavily from Fight Club - a brilliant film that's a great piece to study - and in a way I think that's what missed the mark for me - it didn't really feel like a mistaken identity film to me. In saying that, it had some nice cinematography, the final shot in particular was great, and getting a lead actor with abs to show off on screen is always a crowd pleaser.

Loved the intro - pitch-perfect perfume piss-take (pour homme). Weird little Fight Club-thing at the train station (nice spot). The mistaken identity didn't quite come through for me, but the film looked slick as and the fights were really crunchy: excellent sound design and choreography. (you get an extra star for the intro)

Default Avatar Empire magazine

This was a tricky little film for me. It was in fact probably the least funny film of the night, and to be completely honest that was a good thing. As I sat and watched i saw funny film after funny film and after the screening non of them stood out. This film on the other hand did, it stood out on a story level alone and this is why it is my favourite of the night. At first I thought it didn't hit the genre but after thinking on it, it does. I think I like the creative stretching of the genre. Apart from story I think that camera child have smashed it in terms of production value and have made somthing very polished and professional. Acting was on point, makeup was on point.

Default Avatar Tony Pugh

I enjoyed this film as it exagerated the definition of the genre, The film was appropriately dark and this added depth and credibility to the story. The lead actor really showed his strength - physical and acting ability. Cinematography was right up there, and sound fx, makeup all added to the finished product to create a convincing polished product. Well done!

Default Avatar jax1327

A hard film to execute. Was pretty good. It had me wanting more

Film quality is superb. Fight sequences are done very convincingly. Only thing I didn't like was the antagonists speech, the accent and delivery was pretty shite. Aside from that I enjoyed the Fight Club-esce film. With a better plot, I believe this team can dominate the competition in the coming years. p.s The antagonist just wanted an excuse to show off his pecks ;) Good effort guys.

Default Avatar Ben Corcoran

Well acted and superbly shot, just needed a better script/story I think to put you guys over the top. I've got an A7S myself and it's great to see someone else using it to full effect. The action was a little rough, but as someone who's had an attempt at fight choreography myself I know how difficult that must have been (particularly in 48hrs!) - top marks for effort. Similar to the above comment I think you guys going for a dark/serious tone was a bold move, and refreshing to see. Keen to see what you get up to in future (and yell out if you need a spare camera!).

Default Avatar Bronwyn Aish

This was another good film from the Camera child and his team - the body makeup was amazing - very real looking and so well done - obviously lots of skill and time went into this! These boys love their dark fight scenes and they did it well - it made me wince more than once & again the wounds on their foreheads made it very realistic. The challenge is always how to tell a complete story clearly in such a short time & for me I had to watch it a couple of times to pick up the story & work out - 'who are you?' ;) Great job and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Default Avatar Edward Aish

This team is getting better every year, the filming and fight choreography was great and the make up was exceptional, camera work and treatment was nice also. The story didn't quite have as much punch as the action and the sound could have done with a polish but over all very solid effort. And again the body makeup was Very well done.

Default Avatar 24FPS

Team said in the forums it was disqualified not sure why? The scars were really well done. Not sold on the fight moves quite a few seem a bit loose and a bit obvious they don't connect. Didn't really get the story apart from the play on fight club.

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