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by ClusterDuck Pro-duck-tions


Awesome musical. The lead actress was a good singer. This will probably win best original song catergory at the Hamilton finals. GG

an homage to AMERICAN BEAUTY (yeah you know the shot) opens this one as Hamilton's Mena Suvari sings her love for a plastic bag. This was a slick production, everything looked really nice and some super-smooth camerawork throughout. Really loved the thick as New Zealand accent in the singing and also the thorough use of the best dump shop in the country. When the 'best use of non-english dialogue' was announced i thought there'd be heaps of shoehorning in of foreign dialogue- turned out that hasn't really been the case but man i cracked up at your random portuguese-sepaking (or spanish? lo siento) dude at the end there. and a fantastic post-credit shot too.

Default Avatar Mk92

Was a great musical, well executed, and what a topic! Hard yards were put in, and made it memorable by adding in quirky elements. Great ending.

Default Avatar bennewton95

Nice stabilized tracking - very nicely done. Cool colour separation and use of orange and complementary blue - common enough these days, but looks absolutely fantastic here. Great camera work in general. Fun concept :)

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