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The Radical Adventures of Captain Flowers and his Sidekick Barnaby against the Legions of Evil. Episode 1: Fleeced

by I Love Loops 205 views


I love I LOVE LOOPS. The gratuitously long title alone had me laughing out loud. Each year you crank out great (yet for some reason overlooked) little animations, and this year is your best yet. I hope to see it make the finals. My only note would be that CAPTAIN FLOWERS followed a similar trajectory in terms of journey as your film last year (both being stories about a protagonist escaping some kind of facility). I'd love to see you guys be more adventurous with your narrative while still keeping the slick sense of humour and impeccable animation.

These guys are awesome. They make consistently outstanding animated shorts; probably the best looking animation in the competition. I'm always amazed at how smoothly they transition between the different animation styles, without it affecting the flow of the story or breaking the viewers focus. I absolutely loved their entry from last year and this one is perhaps even better still, with a more ambitious aesthetic and lots going on in every frame. A really fun/funny story, which is both visually entertaining and has real edge-of-your-seat excitement to it, as you are pulling for the heroes to get out of the pickle they've found themselves in. Great idea that fits the genre perfectly. The only thing I felt was missing in certain places was sound effects and/or music. Just a couple of moments where it felt there should be more going on aurally, but I imagine that is something that comes down to time at the end of the day. I can only assume animation of that caliber takes a lot of time and effort to complete. Fantastic stuff yet again! Also that title is amazing. Probably the best out there. Hopefully a strong contender for the finals.

Default Avatar Erro

Amazing what you have achieved in 48 hours. I think the only let down was the sound felt slightly flat but loved the concept and animation. Some great comedic elements also with the mirror deflection.

Holy balls, how did they pull this off? The number of backgrounds, designs, and animation styles bursting out of this thing is like a confetti cannon on spin-cycle. I loved watching this, and the transitions from style to style were fantastically creative. I can only think of two limitations: one is the sound which someone has already mentioned; two is with the occasional use of still imagery which, for a film intended to have a fast pace, can halt its verve.

How the hell did this not make it into the finals? The judges must be biased old prudes who ship Shortland Street!!!! Anywho I enjoyed this film very much. Sound was off in parts but the art style is excellent. Hope you guys win best animation.

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