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Knock, Knock...

by Muddy Brilliant


Awesome film. The creepy nurse dude was a fantastic actor. Professional looking in parts but lighting was the issue in others.

This one is so good. Really swish editing in the opening montage, as well as extremely impressive props and costuming (i hope nobody gets fired for borrowing work stuff!) But what's really outstanding is the sheer malevolence of the antagonist. The film has a really evil, heavy vibe that could be drawn from many sources and is open to interpretation (I was picking-up a strong anti-euthanasia message).. I'm having a hard time expressing how much this one got to me- it's just a stone-cold real good, grimy horror.

Default Avatar Alesha99

Excellent job team! Your actors were awesome and you did a good job with the story.

Default Avatar bennewton95

Cool opening scene. Groovy cuts and 90's procedural cop show aesthetic for a while there. Some really great cinematography. Makeup great too.

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