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Somebody Someone madauntm

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Bonnie and Claudia

Entertaining heist movie with some great performances. Particularly enjoyed the sugar / salt scene. Not entirely certain how well it fit the genre, but gracious, what a genre to pull!

Today's the Day!

Simple, well executed story. Loved the songs - especially the way the band would suddenly appear to back them up!

The Crimeover

Really enjoyed the flashback sequences (especially the one with the knife). I would say it was a shame about the sound sync issues, but they actually added to the humour.


Some great effects - loved the comic book integration, and the effects where the clock stopped were fantastic.

The Full Card

Solid work from a youthful team. Nice use of the 'race the clock' genre.

Jogging Club

Loved the final running montage - some hilarious moments. Also the coach at the end. Where on earth did those hideous shorts come from (the fluro ones!)


A beautifully shot film that genuinely engaged. I wanted to know what happened next to the characters. Lovely performances from both actors, and made a virtue of the somewhat inclement weather last Saturday!

The Lake

Genuinely scary at times with some great special effects. Extra gold star to the poor cast members who must have been freezing in the pond! Beautifully shot and lit.

Night of the Cones

Entertaining film with well integrated elements. Good solid narrative and lots of laughs.


Liked the concept of Siri as actualised android. Thought the reversal of the human / android roles was a little unnecessary though, and slightly confusing given the 'human's' barcode at the beginning. Some nice strong filmmaking, particularly the use of sound to enhance the chase at the end. Team intro made me laugh.

Madame Coup De Foudre

Mastered the genre allocation. Loved the exposition in this film. The opening timelapse was super effective. Also liked the way you played with the expectation that the girl was going to be run over at the end when in actual fact it was the object of her obsession struck by lightening.


I liked the final reveal by the sink, and the idea of the haunted jacket. Plot a little over complicated at times, but had some great moments.

Daylight Delivery

Beautifully filmed - loved the sequences around St Kevin's arcade, a lovely Margaret tribute.

Down To The Wire

A road movie in the sense that they were definitely on the road, but the story didn't really seem to go anywhere.

Inside Job

Lots of good jokes, and a great deadpan performance from the lead. I laughed lots.

Sweet Dreams

Engaging romantic comedy that managed a tricky genre well. Nice shooting and well edited. Not convinced his photos will save her cupcake business, but I care enough to hope.

Lawn People

Definitely playing to the lowest common denominator, which was unfortunate in a heat with so many young teams. Competently filmed.