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Night of the Cones

by Cold Blooded 94 views


Entertaining film with well integrated elements. Good solid narrative and lots of laughs.

Default Avatar bladentame

Well rounded film with lots of laughs.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was my favourite of the heat. Funny script and the acting was just right for the film. The Waitakere chapter decide to steal all the road cones in the country (handily located in an Auckland warehouse) the idea being that chaos will ensue and it will destabilise the entire country. I was wondering how they were going to end it, and it was brilliant. Had no idea what was coming. Great film overall, loved it. Congrats on second audience favourite.

Default Avatar maelstrom

Loved the take-the-piss nature of the narrative & acting. Thought the ending was very witty. Definitely in my top 3!

Default Avatar brucemnophilus

Very well put together 48 hour film and clever story! In the top 3 of the heat for me

Default Avatar emmalou20

Witty storyline and good acting. Definitely in my top 3 in the heat!

A real crowd pleaser that played up the crime spoof to perfection. Some great dialogue and contextual humour. Definitely one of the funniest break in scenes! Good use of sfx to showcase the heist. Wasn't sure about the fate of the insomniac scientist captive, but the ending was classic and definitely the most memorable film of the heat for me.

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