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Down To The Wire

by Smoking Monkeys 153 views


A road movie in the sense that they were definitely on the road, but the story didn't really seem to go anywhere.

This film left me a bit confused. After a lengthy nightclub scene with a bunch of old men and a young foreign girl, the next morning she announces she's being deported that very day, and her much older male friends take her on a tour of Auckland's sights. While there was definitely driving in this one, I wouldn't really call it a road movie, as the destinations were far more prevalent than the journey itself. The age difference between the actors really grated on me through this film, and it was never really explained. Overall it was a bit long, and a bit curious, but it made sense plot-wise which is something, and the cinematography wasn't bad.

Default Avatar Xzadia Johnson

I really enjoyed this film. It had no climax or anything but it was really nice, I loved the photos :)

Competently filmed, Great use of locations around Auckland, that must have taken some time and preparation, it paid off and looked really nice. Let down a bit by the extended bar scene and minor discrepancies in the story. But otherwise a good effort!

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