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Daylight Delivery

by The Fire Breathing Fists 265 views


Beautifully filmed - loved the sequences around St Kevin's arcade, a lovely Margaret tribute.

Default Avatar gaelxioza

Really nicely shot. I felt that the concept was going somewhere really cool, and then it didn't quite wrap up as well as I was hoping. I'm not a fan of beating the audience round the head to get your ideas across, but maybe a few more light knocks and this would have been an exceptional short.

Default Avatar brc

I really liked this film. I think that characters were well developed, really like Bobby. Very funny, and great cinematography

Default Avatar darkcharlotte

The whole set up was fantastic and original. The acting by the older lady was fantastic, and her personality and style was spot on. I felt like it lacked in a few places, but overall a film I really enjoyed. And the dog was super cute!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

If a package isn't delivered on time the sun will never rise again. It felt as if there was two separate stories going on in this until the very end. One about a crazy homeless lady wandering the streets and one about a temporal courier agency. I wasn't really sure why the computer game graphics popped up every now and then. If it was a game then maybe they should have been there the whole time? It was however very well shot and it looked amazing and the acting was above par, especially for the crazy Bobby Young character. I was left at the end still not entirely understanding what had just happened, but maybe I just missed it.

Default Avatar 117

I really enjoyed this film. From it's quirky setting to it's quirky characters it was a great film all round. The team definitely had the technical talents with a great script and shot selection. The only thing that let it down for me was the whole over layered game effects that seemed a little bit disjointed with an unusual look and wasn't kept all that consistent throughout the film which begged the question why was it there? The wrap up was interesting and satisfied as a good end to a weird and wonderful film.

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