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Madame Coup De Foudre

by D.E.R.P. Productions 477 views


Mastered the genre allocation. Loved the exposition in this film. The opening timelapse was super effective. Also liked the way you played with the expectation that the girl was going to be run over at the end when in actual fact it was the object of her obsession struck by lightening.

Default Avatar bladentame

Great actress really made this a memorable short. Stayed in the genre well and nice surprise ending.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A secretary/PA is infatuated with her boss and runs all over town trying to chase him down and make him fall for her in some amusing scenes. The end was not what I was expecting so props for not going with the obvious that I thought you were setting it up for. For me this team made a much stronger film last year and I was expecting the same again but it didn't deliver the same wow as last year. Still an amusing film to watch.

Default Avatar brucemnophilus

Great acting and a clever narrative made this an enjoyable short to watch, the ending was sneaky too!

Default Avatar maelstrom

Loved the title pun - playing with the idea of falling in-love and literally being struck by lightning! The twist at the end was great. You also played to the genre perfectly - enjoyable little film.

Default Avatar emmalou20

This film was great, with strong actors and a good script. An interesting and funny take on the genre!

Clever script and brilliantly acted by the lead protagonist. Towards the end I really felt that it was going to end too cliche and I didn't even think the guy was a suitable match anyway, so I was pleasantly surprised with how they ended it. Good effort and unlucky to not get an audience award.

Default Avatar JamesGoodwin

Great little film made great by an amazing editor, Shaun Dooley, I am proud to say this man is my partner and I love you with all my heart. Btw Shaun. Will you marry me??

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

Very well made film. I especially liked the ending when you put Vic on the road in a very cliche 'gonna get run over effect shot' shot and then suddenly the other character dies, hilarious play with the convention there!

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