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by Terminal Rise 259 views


Some great effects - loved the comic book integration, and the effects where the clock stopped were fantastic.

Default Avatar FlynnLR

A very well executed film, the shots (especially in the surgery scene) were obviously very thought out and showed great understanding of film. The slow-mo sequences and the comic styled snapshots had huge effect. The acting was a little rough in the more dramatic sciences but other than that a fantastic film.

Default Avatar darkcharlotte

I loved the use of the comic book throughout the film - very effective and entertaining. There were some fantastic shots of the city. The use of the freeze frame ending throughout the film was original and effective. Not too sure about the overall plot and characters - I got a bit lost at times.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Finally a superhero film that actually showed some superhero moves. A guy works for a company that is conducting illegal human trials of some unknown substance. While he is trying to find out what is going on he is accidentally injured/killed and is then injected with this strange formula. There were some great scenes here that showed people moving in slow motion, including one guy smoking, but the hero is moving at normal speed. A simple effect put to really good use. I loved the comic book styling they used throughout without it ever feeling overused. I felt like I wanted more at the end of the story as it didn't feel like it had finished that characters arc but that is my only criticism of the film.

Default Avatar 117

Nice premise and quite original theme. Shone through with special effects which was impressive considering the 48 hour time limit. Enjoyable watch overall with only a few things that let it down which wouldn't have with a bit more polish.

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