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Lawn People

by Sparkle 251 views


Definitely playing to the lowest common denominator, which was unfortunate in a heat with so many young teams. Competently filmed.

This film left me dazzled and confused. A lesbian couple and another woman who's relationship to them is never quite explained, move into a house owned by a rather sleazy landlord. The film plays to the masses with a lot of touching and stroking among the lesbian couple, and a cut to them cuddling in bed. They hear strange noises, and cuddle up to their seemingly unrelated friend in the other room, then the next day find out there are lawn spirits who won't let anyone cut the lawn, and that his wife was a hippy who managed somehow to merge with the lawn. As bad films go, this one was quite funny,if you like very low-brow humour. All the characters in this film were well developed, though I remained confused about the motivation of the friend character. The lesbian couple proceed to have a seance on the haunted lawn, which released the wife of the landlord, who asked the girls not to tell her husband she was back, and proceeded to a three-way lesbian kiss. This definitely played to the audience, who were whooping in their seats. 'Lawn People' was easy to follow, and although it was definitely bizarre, it wasn't confusing and it was pretty original. Some of the shots were nicely done, and the over-acting fitted with the general mood of the film.

Bizarre but well executed film. Lesbianism, Mysticism and Hippies! covered some great B-grade ground and the creepy landlord definitely made for some entertaining scenes.

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