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by The Communicators 729 views


I liked the final reveal by the sink, and the idea of the haunted jacket. Plot a little over complicated at times, but had some great moments.

Default Avatar gaelxioza

A reasonably simple concept that came across nicely. Well shot and well acted.

Default Avatar brc

I quite enjoyed this film, one of my favourites of the night. The establishment of characters was really cool at the start, and I really enjoyed the cinematography. The lighting may have been off in a couple of shots, but it wasn't too bad. I missed what genre this film was, and at first I thought it was the body switch. Still enjoyed it however, only thing I would change would be to maybe add more victims, being a horror film. Loved character that appeared when the main character just purchased the jacket.

Default Avatar FlynnLR

The central idea of the story was very interesting, with the twist at the end revealing all. However, I found the plot a bit too complicated and is hard to follow in such a short run time. The sound was a little jumpy at some points and I was a little confused at what the Maori guy had to do with things. Overall I found it fun but it seemed like seven minutes just wasn't enough to fully explain the story out.

Default Avatar darkcharlotte

An interesting way to interpret horror, and reasonbly well pulled off. It lacked in a few places and left me confused during the middle. I did love the interaction between the two characters at the beginning - very believable! Also, some great shots in the bathroom with the mirror.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A guy can't get a date with the girl he wants so he goes to a second hand store and buys a leather jacket which gets her attention. However he is haunted by visions of a warrior and, presumably, the previous owner. I thought it worked with the horror genre well but the plot felt like it had a few holes and we could have had a better connection to the actual murders he was committing. The sound got quite pitchy and at one point dropped out altogether. There was also a couple of seconds of black in the middle of the film and I started to think it had ended then it suddenly started again. A good application of their genre and the acting fitted well with the film. A good idea for a story, just needed a bit more polish to be great.

Default Avatar 117

Great narrative with some awesome catches. Filmed well and put together in a logical easy to understand order. Loved the plot twist but felt it could have been shown a bit more clearly and could have hinted to it a bit stronger throughout. Overall a great watch.

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