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by Daguerreotype 704 views


A beautifully shot film that genuinely engaged. I wanted to know what happened next to the characters. Lovely performances from both actors, and made a virtue of the somewhat inclement weather last Saturday!

Default Avatar bladentame

Manic performance really lifted this short. Nicely shot and great use of immobility.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was really first equal in this heat for me. A girl in a wheelchair is trying to cross a playing filed in the rain and gets stuck, Vic is out running (in a suit jacket and dress shoes for some reason?) while listening to headphones and goes out about three time during the night and passes the girl without seeing her as it is dark. He eventually sees her and tries to help. The dialogue in this film was great, the acting superb and it was a great use of the genre. Awesome effort all round.

Default Avatar Aperio

Great acting. Those two play off really well with each other. This short had sweet moments, nice dialogue and well shot!

Default Avatar brucemnophilus

Great acting and you dealt really well with a tough genre! The scripting was clever and loved the intro too, good job!

Default Avatar emmalou20

Great film! The acting was very good, the storyline was unique and the script was well written.

Default Avatar maelstrom

Definitely in my top 2 - cute as pie movie. Great use of the immobilized genre. Did get a bit confused trying to figure out why Vic was dressed to the nines (but I'm guessing that was to illustrate him as a scatty character??). Great actors made this genre enjoyable to watch. Well done guys, good stuff! Loved the team intro hahahahahaaaa

Default Avatar scotteyre

This short film was funny, cleaver, told a great story, it made you feel involved in the plot, and most of all made me laugh out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and feel it was one of the best I saw. in the top 3... actually #1 for me. This film had professionalism resonating through the whole story. From the initial concept to filming and the awarkward characters.., Loved it so much. A+++............

Default Avatar William Abraham

A great unique film that surprised me by using the 'Immobilized Movie' genre in a comedic way rather than a survival way. It was funny and and the quality of the filming stood out over many of the other films.

Default Avatar Amber Brierly

by far the best video and audio quality! Simple yet great story line. I hope there is a sequel

Default Avatar Shaun Dooley

I loved your film so so much. It's difficult to come up with a good story, no matter the genre. But I think you guys pulled it off amazingly and i'm keen to see what you lot do in the future.

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