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Suck My Life

by Grand Cheval 1,828 views


This film had some great production values, the lighting in the second half of the film was amazing and very moody, fitting the genre nicely. But it was let down by the story. Great ending though.

Grand Cheval really stepped up their production value this year, and there were some amazing special effects in this. Story was a bit lacking this year, but the acting was top notch and the twist at the end was great.

Agree story not as solid as last year's but the guy's voice cracked me up & I liked how they combined comedy with horror.

Fantastic special effects, some well placed comedy in a horror, and it did do the genre justice. I got confused as to how he got rid of the ghost however, the power of his weird voice? Or did I miss something? Nice twist and use of the line of dialogue.

Default Avatar Sho Nuff

Great concept and excellent technical production. However, I felt that the overall tone of the film was a bit muddled. The main character's over the top performance may have worked well in a straight out comedy, but it didn't sit comfortably with the rest of this film which was mostly genuinely scary and atmospheric. I usually like a mix of comedy and horror but I reckon that if the main character was more grounded in reality, it would have been a better film. But very well crafted, some funny scenes (the sex at the beginning especially) and a great ending and use of the line of dialogue.

Default Avatar Mifune

Solid production values, mostly good performances but the rest kind of smacked of "we have already proved ourselves, no need for much effort" which is a shame. Three changes would have made it a real standout- lose the forced squeaky voice for the lead character, more attention to detail and less splatter for the ghost, and a more considered performance from the ghost in the first scene.

A big step from last years production value, the story was there but somewhat predictable apart from the ending which was great, and I'm sure will be a nominee for best use of the line. Good special fx, and editing. Was lit really well and the camera work again was a huge step up. I think the comedy however became forced after a while because of Chevals decision to have the main character speak in a strange 'Mr Bean' type voice which I don't think added too much. All in all a good effort, finals material? I'm not sure ...

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