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The Long Walk Home

Such & Such


Daylight Robbery

Great film. One of the best of the night. It had a clever story, great comedic acting and great camerawork. It used the camera well, working the various angles to make the one shot concept work. A definite winner

Finger Bang

Very cool idea and well done. The acting was great. The main actors did a very good job. I especially liked the sound effects, in particular the gun firing.

Suck My Life

This film had some great production values, the lighting in the second half of the film was amazing and very moody, fitting the genre nicely. But it was let down by the story. Great ending though.


Not to sure what to make of this film. It was hard to figure out exactly what was going on storywise. This wasn't helped by the sound issues. I have to give big props to the actress who went naked for the majority of the film though. Very brave.

Come rain come shine

The best thing about this film was the manic performance of Nicky Brick. Love the sombreo. Unfortunately it was let down by production values, in particular bad sound.