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Finger Bang

by Half Shell Productions 968 views


Very cool idea and well done. The acting was great. The main actors did a very good job. I especially liked the sound effects, in particular the gun firing.

Good acting and production values. A nice idea, with a good twist at the end, though I was left with a few questions.

Default Avatar Sho Nuff

A clever idea and a great way to make an action film when you don't have the resources to make an action film. A nice twist at the end. I felt like I missed a plot point or line of dialogue at the beginning which may have made the ending stronger - will definitely watch again. Good stuff

I thought this film was an awesome piece. It was beautifully shot, well acted, it had a good script with some excellent characters. And what is more it managed to be a very poignant film within seven minutes. It really impressed me.

Default Avatar Mifune

A strong film, unlucky to be in a heat with so many strong films! So please take the following comments in that context. Story and script both very good. production values good, as were the performances. However I felt the shot choices and lighting did not make the best of this opportunity- there was no contribution to the tension from either of those (or I guess the sound) and the actors had to carry it by themselves. I think we should watch out for some standout work from this crew in the future

Great film, the lead actor was the strength of this film, and was really made to stand out with the assist of lead actress. Simple style of shooting but seemed to really capture the story in the frame. The sound post was bang on - excuse the pun. I think this team will be a definite stand out in the future, others teams beware! a potential PJ wildcard with this one

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Viewed from the Screening Room] Maurice and his (not sure of their relationship), Angela attend a support group for people with dodgy pasts, (I guess). It's "Positive Experience Role-play Day" and Maurice wants everyone to play "Cops & Robbers" - a game he has never lost. I liked this so much I watched it twice in a row! The concept really intrigued me and was helped by some easy on the senses, sound and vision. The cast performed really well - I loved Damien's delivery of "This one tastes liked heaven." The character of Nicky Brick wasn't that clearly identified by name in the story but was ultimately unlucky. Some nice foreshadowing, well-timed music and an ending that keeps you thinking. Imaginative, well-executed and totally my kind of thing. A great little film that for me, has genuine repeat value.

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